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When you use a debit card, the money is taken out of your account immediately. Photograph: Getty Images This is a type of credit card scam when a customer makes a payment on the internet or on the phone without needing to physically present the payment card. ‘Card not present’ (CNP) fraud can happen when a criminal obtains a cardholder’s name, billing address, account number, three-digit security code and card expiration date. These details can be stolen electronically without actually accessing the physical card. The theft of this data usually takes place through online phishing. People are increasingly choosing to shop online with Irish consumers now spending €850,000 every hour in online sales, according to Excellence Ireland . With this constant use of credit and debit cards, we must take extra care to protect our personal finance details. What can I do to protect my payment card when shopping online? Never send you card number, PIN or any other card information by email. Use brands and shops that you are familiar with or have used before and check the ratings of individual sellers on sites like Amazon and eBay .

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