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The cloud gets in your eyes

Read more Securing the virtual blur between corporate and home networks Much of this concern stems from the broad understanding that cloud security is harder to achieve than conventional security. Not only did 71 percent of respondents agree with this contention, but the same percentage agreed back in 2015. This suggests that, despite enthusiasm for the cloud and the efforts of countless vendors and cloud suppliers, customers still feel the cloud-security challenge is not being completely met. Cloud suppliers have moved assertively in recent months to dispel this perception – largely through a doubling-down of onshore investments designed to allay concerns that cloud data is being shunted out of the control – and reach – of its owners. Microsoft, for its part, recently announced that many of its Office 365 and Azure cloud platform services had been added to the Commonwealth government’s Certified Cloud Services List  (CCSL) with accreditation to store PROTECTED level government data. Microsoft joins cloud service providers (CSPs) Dimension Data, Macquarie Government, Sliced Tech, and Vault Systems all of which are able to target serious government and commercial clients with the authority that high-level certification provides. Yet certification of cloud platforms is only one step of the journey towards cloud security. Overlying applications may leverage those security capabilities – CommandHub’s HubDrop file-sharing solution, for example, is built on top of Vault Systems’ CCSL-certified cloud platform – but businesses adopting piecemeal cloud solutions face a bigger challenge in the form of visibility. Read more The week in security: High-security local clouds woo sensitive government data Despite years of progress, few companies believe they know all the cloud applications in use within their environment. Just 25 percent of respondents to the Ponemon-Gemalto said they were very confident of this, while 43 percent said they were not confident. The implications of this lack of visibility are significant, since it’s hard to justify allowing data to be pushed onto external cloud solutions if there’s no way to manage where it goes or who is accessing it.

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