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yongguk covers up so much in korea but when he travels out of the country hes literally

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Is it safe to travel to South Korea? Everything you need to know

Eleanor Lees With this in mind you might be tempted to visit on an extravagant spa trip overseas, but with tensions between North Korea and the US continuing to be a concern, is it safe to visit the Korean peninsula? We found out the Foreign Office ’s latest advice. [Read more: Get all the latest travel advice here] Travellers may be wary of holidaying in South Korea as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has previously ordered tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles. There is the possibility that the government in Pyongyang may call for more tests which may lead to instability in the region but in the past such tests have not affected daily life. Be aware that the level of tension between the two nations can change with little warning. Tensions can be particularly heightened during South Korean-US military exercises in March and August. South Korean authorities occasionally hold civil emergency exercises where sirens will sound, transport will stop and you will be asked to take shelter indoors or in designated metro stations and basements. Foreign nationals do not have to take part in these drills but should follow the instruction of local authorities. The government have developed an app with civil emergency advice, including shelter locations, different types of alarms, medical facilities and emergency services. Search for ‘emergency ready app’, available on Apple and Android devices. Typhoon season in the area runs from June to November.

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