However, This Isn't A Large, But Slow-to-no Growth Business That The Company Is Milking For Cash As It Pursues Other Growth Opportunities; Rather, It's A Business That Has Seen Revenues Grow At A Roughly 30% Compounded Annual Growth Rate Since The Company's Fiscal Year 2013.

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(Photo: Michael Dwyer/AP) More According to LePage, the major divide is not between Democrats and Republicans but between the elite and the common man. He accused Obama of want[ing] to really destroy our country. Alison Beyea, the executive director of the ACLU of Maine, condemned LePages call for an authoritarian leader to protect the Constitution, noting that the Constitution was intended to protect against authoritarianism. The Constitution was written to protect Americans from against the very thing Gov. LePage is calling for an all-powerful, overreaching government, she said in a statement. The governor says he wants to bring back the rule of law, but it actually sounds like he wants to replace the rule of law with the rule of tyranny. This is not the first time LePages brash talk has landed him in the national spotlight. Last summer, he said he had collected information about people trafficking drugs into Maine in a three-ring binder of people and that most offenders are Hispanic and black people from the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx or from Waterbury, Conn. Maine Rep. Drew Gattine accused him a racism for the comments and, subsequently, received a threatening, profanity-laden voicemail in response. LePage called him a socialist c***sucker and told local reporters that he wishes it were the 19th century so he could settle their dispute in a duel. In late September, the Washington Post published an editorial titled Maines unhinged governor, calling for LePage to resign. His term is set to last until 2018.

Continue Reading Below Much of the buzz around graphics specialist NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) these days seems to be related to its automotive efforts as well as its data center efforts. However, as important as those opportunities are to the ธุรกิจเครือข่าย, company's long-term growth prospects, investors shouldn't ignore the company's gaming business. For NVIDIA, this business primarily consists of the sale of specialized, high-performance graphics processors that go into personal computers to allow those computers to run graphically intensive video games. Indeed, gaming represents -- by a large margin -- NVIDIA's largest business today and since it is still a growth business, it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. More From With that in mind, here are three things that investors should know about NVIDIA's gaming efforts. It's large and growing quickly Continue Reading Below ADVERTISEMENT In NVIDIA's last fiscal year, its overall revenues came in at $5.01 billion. Its gaming-related revenues over that period were a cool $2.818 billion, or roughly 56.2% of consolidated revenues. However, this isn't a large, but slow-to-no growth business that the company is milking for cash as it pursues other growth opportunities; rather, it's a business that has seen revenues grow at a roughly 30% compounded annual growth rate since the company's fiscal year 2013. Though gaming has become a very substantial portion of the company's overall revenue base, it's still on a growth path.

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